Bloom; London Dry Gin a delicate tast.

Bloom, London Dry Gin a delicate taste.

The Bloom Gin is a botanical gin. It is very delicate as the also mention on the home page. It is round and mild, with a soft taste of the basic of a Gin.

Bloom; London Dry Gin

You must be careful not to mix it with a full flavor Tonic, because the nuances of the Gin will disappear. Drinking it straight up you can taste intricate botanical flavors or you can mix it with different ingredients. On the homepage you can find some suggestion for drinks.

I can recommend it to try but please remember that it is delicate and should be enjoy as such

Rating: 4 out of 6 stars


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Hendricks Gin

Hendricks Gin

This gin always goes home well in a good GT it is well balanced and gives me a great flavor experience every time I taste it.

When I drink it, I have the juniper which I enjoy very much but it is not to overwhelming. Which I have found in many other Gins that I have tried.

Hendricks is very good Gin for the GT where you just need to relax after a long week.

Hendricks Gin

Fill up you glass with ice and pour in a generous amount of Hendricks and fill up with a good tonic water and sit down and go through the week and finish it off.


Rating: 4 out of 6


Smoke to the BBQ, with Smoke It All

I just got to different flavours to smoke different kind of meat on the barbecue. They are look fine and I am looking forward to try them.

It is made by Smoke It All

One is called NO.2 Lowland it is for beef, game and lamb.

– Beech
– Garlic
– Paprica
– Rosmary
– Parsley
– Ginger
– Salt
– Sugar
– Vegetable oil

The other is NO.3 Valley it is for Poultry, Lamb and Pork.

I have not had time to test them yet. But I will give a description as soon that I have had the time to try them. I hope that it will be the coming weekend I am thinking that we should have som Duck breast.  That is always good.

And yes I know it does not state that is for Duck. So I promise to be objectiv.

A evening in Falsterbo and eating at Skanör Fiskerögeri

Yesterday, we were having dinner at the harper in Skanör/Falsterbo.  We were dining at Skanörs Fiskrögeri. The place is very cosy and the services was good and very polite. Even though I have been living close by for the last 10 years, it was the first time we were there to eat.

We ordered the

As a starter: Salmon Tatar with fennel.

Main course: Lobster with lemon mayo

The plates were presented attractively and made you want to dig in.
The Tatar was very well presented and as I said made you wanted to dig in. But the taste was missing some, it was a little bland, I did not get this wow factor.

The Lobster was well done and the bread and lemon mayo was good. Combined it was very good.

I had at glass of the house white wine and it went well to both the causes.

If you are in the area, I would recommend that you went there to eat.

If I had to give it stars: then out of 6, it will get 4.



The first “warm” day this year

A couple a weeks ago, we had the first sunny day here in the spring and we had coffee on the patio, even our cat had fun and enjoyed the weather.

She is at 80% Norwegian (how the 80 % comes in, I don’t know). She is not the biggest cat but she is the most destructive force in the household and she only do what she wants to do. In the picture, she is roaming around on the roof beside the patio and enjoying herself.


Today and recipe on smoked tenderloin

It is a beautiful day. The sun a shining from cloud free sky. Spring is underway some of the flowers are blooming.


Today I have a daughter there want to go to Ikea to eat lunch. Well it ok I need to get something to cover a lot of plants which are not welcome in my garden. One of them is filling up a little too much of the ground. If the cover is not helping, then I think I will cover the hole garden with asphalt. Just an idea.

I have over the winter been working on at smoker, so I can make my own bacon and other things. It is coming along fine, needs right now a roof and needs to make two holes for draft through. So, I can regulate enough draft through the smoke chamber.

Pictures of the whole thing will arrive later.

Though I have decided what to make first.

smoked tenderloin (Pork)

a bottle of Red Tuborg or Carlsberg Old 
3/4 liters of water
150 grams of dark brown sugar
150 grams of sea salt
(or Pink salt its Nitrite Curing (No it is not Himalaya salt) be careful when you use nitrite in your food to much can kill you or make you very sick. Before use, investigate how to use it. Example: Make a google search. “How to curing meat” that should give you an idea on how to)
1 tskf. all spice
2 cloves
1 clove crushed garlic

Warm the ingredience in a pot and then cool it down. Put the tenderloin in to the mix and let be for around 6 hours. Take them out and hang them from the thin end for a couple hours so they can dry. Make sure that they not in direct sun light when drying use a dry chamber.

After drying hang them in the smoker for 2 – 3 hours depending on size. At middle temperature (40 – 50 degrees Celsius).

This is a recipe I have tried some years ago, and it tasted very good.

Well it’s in the pipeline for the first test of the smoker and hope to be able to do it soon.



The weekend

So, the weekend is over and the day to work is back.  It has been a long weekend. I have not been doing much of interest. But Saturday was a day where we cleaned the house and a few places where it needed to be done. That was nice to have done.

One thing was very good. My son is out of the kitchen where he has been sitting for some time do to missing access to the internet in his room. But that is fixed and he can sit and play there again and we have our kitchen back.

The planning of the summer holiday is in progress it looks like to be Svalbard. Not at very normal place to go in the holiday. But not a place where people normally goes on vacation. Though it will only be a short trip 5 days I am looking forward to it. Though it is early planning, so things can change again, it almost always do when we plan a holiday.

Hjemmelavet Bacon

Lidt hjemmelavet bacon

Da jeg var i London på kursus, var jeg i Fortum & Mason, for at købe te med hjem. I den forbindelse fandt jeg en bog, som handlede om at bearbejde kød til skinker og lignende.

I den har jeg fundet en del opskrifter, jeg finder interessante, herunder at lave sin egen bacon. Det skal naturligvis prøves og jeg er allerede gået i gang med dette eksperiment og er meget spændt på hvordan det kommer at forløbe.

Jeg har købt et stykke ribbensteg fra Slagteren på Kultorvet, som er økologisk, det vejede lige under 2 kg. Slagteren har fjernet ben fra dette stykke. I opskriften var de med men jeg kan ikke lide at skære ben ud af bacon.

Opskriften lyder som nedenstående den forsætter i de næste artikler.

500 gr. Salt

500 gr. Brun sukker

25 gr. Friskt kværnet pepper

2-3 laurbær blade (knust groft)

20 stk. enebær knust groft.

Bland ingredienserne i en skål med rund bund, så de bliver rigtigt mixet sammen. Tag et fad, dæk bunden med en håndfuld af ingredienserne og læg kødet med skindet ned ad, tag en håndfuld til og gnid det ind i kødet så det er dækket. Man skal ikke gnide for hårdt eller længe, bare så det er dækket.

Ingredienserne skal bruges/fordeles henover de første fem dage. I løbet af disse dage skal man dagligt give kødet en ny tur med et nyt lag ingredienser. De safter, der kommer ud fra kødet og lægger sig i bunden af fadet hældes ud, hver gang man arbejder med det. Kødet opbevares i køleskabet i denne periode.

De videre forløb beskrives i de næste artikler

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