Spise i Skåne

A evening in Falsterbo and eating at Skanör Fiskerögeri

Yesterday, we were having dinner at the harper in Skanör/Falsterbo.  We were dining at Skanörs Fiskrögeri. The place is very cosy and the services was good and very polite. Even though I have been living close by for the last 10 years, it was the first time we were there to eat.

We ordered the

As a starter: Salmon Tatar with fennel.

Main course: Lobster with lemon mayo

The plates were presented attractively and made you want to dig in.
The Tatar was very well presented and as I said made you wanted to dig in. But the taste was missing some, it was a little bland, I did not get this wow factor.

The Lobster was well done and the bread and lemon mayo was good. Combined it was very good.

I had at glass of the house white wine and it went well to both the causes.

If you are in the area, I would recommend that you went there to eat.

If I had to give it stars: then out of 6, it will get 4.




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