Homemade Kahlua or “The JJS Coffe Liqueur”

Sometime ago I bought a bottle of Kahlua. I had known about it for many years and have always thought no, and then picked up a bottle of Gin or Whiskey instead, when I went shopping. Then one day I decided to try it and bought a bottle a bottle of Kahlua and found out it was great for little drink after dinner. The bottle ended up empty and I had no Kahlua for after dinner or to serve for friends. So, decided to make my own after that I was inspired by Pinterest, I decided to call it “The JJS Coffee Liqueur“. I really need to make a label to set on the bottles. I was on Pinterest to look at other things, I do that a lot and find a lot of different things that I like or want to try. From food to design, gardening etc. I think you know what I mean and here I found others there were doing Kahlua or Coffee Liqueur and I thought this I need to try. I read a lot of different recipes to get inspired on how I wanted to make it (I hate following a strict recipe or well you know) one of the things I was thinking about was to using Instant Coffee or real coffee (freshly grounded) ended up with the freshly grounded. I just prefer using something that is fresh. Then there was the Vodka or did I need to use Rom. Well, this time it was Vodka. I started to freshly grind the coffee and found me at bottle of vodka in the Bar as it was the first time, I did not go for anything fancy or expensive (I know I am stalling; I cannot remember the name of the bottle, sorry). The Coffee was Gevalia average roasted full beans also something that was selected because we had it, and this was a test. So, the recipeended up like this:
  • 3 dl. of freshly grinded coffee
  • 70 cl Vodka
  • 1 Vanilla stick (you know one long one)
Find a jar and mix all together and let is stand dark and cool for well I did it for 60 hours, but I think it could be for a shorter time. (Please note that I like the coffee taste. Preferably strong) When the time nears you need to make the sweet part. I chose the following:
  • 2 dl normal sugar
  • 1 dl Farin sugar
  • 3 dl water
Heat it up so the sugar is dissolved and then let it cool down.hile the sugar is cooling down, I strained the Vodka, so I got all the coffee powder out of the mix. I used a strainer that took the large particles first and then you can use a coffee filter to take the rest. If the coffee is in the Vodka for too long it can give off a more bitter taste. Then all there is left is to mix it together, please take it slow. I recommend that you take a 1 dl at the time to add to the Coffee vodka. And then taste it. I was a little fresh so my got a little too sweet, so that is one of the things that I need to make different the next time. Well, how does it taste 😊 like a Sweet Coffee with liqueur. It is sweet as I mentioned also a little too sweet for my taste, but it is incredibly good and a taste great still after dinner drink. Instead of coffee. There will be changes to the above recipe there is no doubt about that. But even though, I can recommend it. It not difficult to make so just go ahead. Tell me about your experience in the comment below.

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