In the middle of making a piece of Bacon.

It is the end of my vacation and I decided that to make a piece of bacon and I am looking forward to trying it. 

There are a few details missing I should be able to get them done today. Because the bacon is ready for smoking tonight. But let see where it ends. I might end up using the Weber smoke that will work too.

I decided to do a cold smoked piece of bacon and used oak and juniper for the smoking. I ended up using the Weber grill and a Weber spiral for smoking. The spiral one was the first time used it’s look’s nice and all, but had a lot of problems with getting it started. Think I need another way to get it started. I have to look into that.

Yes I know I am working on a smoker, but has not had the time to do anything about sins the last time I wrote. So still missing a top and still in the workshop in the basement. I will get to it soon I hope. 

The smoking went well. It got approx. 8 hours and I thought that was maybe a little low but after tasting it, I found it fine.

So everything went well, but I am sorry to say that I do not have any pictures and please be aware it was test run, so next time the documentation will be shown on the page in another article.

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