Smoke to the BBQ, with Smoke It All

I just got to different flavours to smoke different kind of meat on the barbecue. They are look fine and I am looking forward to try them.

It is made by Smoke It All www.smokeitall.dk.

One is called NO.2 Lowland it is for beef, game and lamb.

– Beech
– Garlic
– Paprica
– Rosmary
– Parsley
– Ginger
– Salt
– Sugar
– Vegetable oil

The other is NO.3 Valley it is for Poultry, Lamb and Pork.

I have not had time to test them yet. But I will give a description as soon that I have had the time to try them. I hope that it will be the coming weekend I am thinking that we should have som Duck breast.  That is always good.

And yes I know it does not state that is for Duck. So I promise to be objectiv.

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