Dage der går

Still going forward

Been a while since my last post. What have been happening since my last post, well not that much but as some says life rolls on whether we want it or not.

Here is a few things there has been happening with me and my families life. We are almost out of kittens.

Our cat on tour in a apple tree

After we have been fathering/mothering 12 kittens in 3 different litters. I have had enough and my wife to. So both cats have been fixed so no more kittens.

We still have 2 from the last litter. But one is going to Finland in august and the other one is going on the internet. Please be aware that both are very cute and love to sleep with you at night. When those two have gone I am down to three cats and that is enough.

There has been a lot more but I dont have the all time but not this time. Later I will publish more.

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