Summer is over and Fall is here.

The vacation is over, and it is back to work again. Looking forward to, what that will bring the next year. Our vacation has been at home fixing things that need it to be fixed and we have cleaned out in the garage etc. All the things that needs to be done. But we have relaxed, and we have enjoyed our self.

Look at the gallery for pictures of summer 2019.

Did make.

Smoking a tenderloin.

Made a smoked tenderloin though I did not follow the recipe described on this site. Do to that I did not have the Port (beer) when I did it. So, I made it basic with salt, sucker and smoke.

It was salted for about 36 hours in a vacuum back in the fridge after that it was watered out for about 45 min in a bowl with water (please note that was not enough it should have had more). Then dried for 24 hours and smoked overnight in the smoker (approx. 12 hours cold smoke).

After it came out, it got another 24 hours in a plastic bag in the fridge.

As mentioned, it was not watered out enough, so it was salty, but the smoke was good. And if you served it with scrambled eggs on a Rye bread then it was fine.

We have primarily been around Skåne where we live, and the gallery will also show this.



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