Dage der går

The weekend

So, the weekend is over and the day to work is back.  It has been a long weekend. I have not been doing much of interest. But Saturday was a day where we cleaned the house and a few places where it needed to be done. That was nice to have done.

One thing was very good. My son is out of the kitchen where he has been sitting for some time do to missing access to the internet in his room. But that is fixed and he can sit and play there again and we have our kitchen back.

The planning of the summer holiday is in progress it looks like to be Svalbard. Not at very normal place to go in the holiday. But not a place where people normally goes on vacation. Though it will only be a short trip 5 days I am looking forward to it. Though it is early planning, so things can change again, it almost always do when we plan a holiday.

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