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Today and recipe on smoked tenderloin

It is a beautiful day. The sun a shining from cloud free sky. Spring is underway some of the flowers are blooming.


Today I have a daughter there want to go to Ikea to eat lunch. Well it ok I need to get something to cover a lot of plants which are not welcome in my garden. One of them is filling up a little too much of the ground. If the cover is not helping, then I think I will cover the hole garden with asphalt. Just an idea.

I have over the winter been working on at smoker, so I can make my own bacon and other things. It is coming along fine, needs right now a roof and needs to make two holes for draft through. So, I can regulate enough draft through the smoke chamber.

Pictures of the whole thing will arrive later.

Though I have decided what to make first.

smoked tenderloin (Pork)

a bottle of Red Tuborg or Carlsberg Old 
3/4 liters of water
150 grams of dark brown sugar
150 grams of sea salt
(or Pink salt its Nitrite Curing (No it is not Himalaya salt) be careful when you use nitrite in your food to much can kill you or make you very sick. Before use, investigate how to use it. Example: Make a google search. “How to curing meat” that should give you an idea on how to)
1 tskf. all spice
2 cloves
1 clove crushed garlic

Warm the ingredience in a pot and then cool it down. Put the tenderloin in to the mix and let be for around 6 hours. Take them out and hang them from the thin end for a couple hours so they can dry. Make sure that they not in direct sun light when drying use a dry chamber.

After drying hang them in the smoker for 2 – 3 hours depending on size. At middle temperature (40 – 50 degrees Celsius).

This is a recipe I have tried some years ago, and it tasted very good.

Well it’s in the pipeline for the first test of the smoker and hope to be able to do it soon.



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